Live Your DREAMS


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Reduce Distracted Driving

The Live Your DREAMS program aims to reduce impaired and distracted driving among teens in the greater Houston area by utilizing a multi-level varying intensity approach to include community and school-based awareness, hospital-based prevention programs and in-depth workshops.

Achieve Your Dreams

The Live Your DREAMS programs enables students to achieve their dreams as young adults and beyond through strategies to reduce the initiation of teenage risky behavior, increase parental involvement and encourage peer-to-peer interaction.

Collaborative Program

The trauma prevention program have strong collaborations with key community partners to assist in delivering traffic safety education.

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Live Your DREAMS Program Participant

I cannot express the level of gratitude for such a superbly executed program! I was overwhelmed by the vested interest that each Memorial Hermann employee had with your program.


Live Your DREAMS Program Participant

I am sharing my experience with Live Your DREAMS with other students to motivate them to make positive changes. The program has changed the way I drive and interact with my friends.


Live Your DREAMS Program Participant

The Live Your DREAMS program has been a profound learning experience that should be shared with parents and their teenagers. It has changed the way I drive and walk around the world.


Live Your Dreams Infographic